What to expect

Learn more about how Verax™ collects and analyzes animal data.

At Verax™, our goal is to put only the most relevant data into the hands of veterinarians, nutritionists and operations so they can accurately monitor and manage their livestock using our cloud-based animal management system.

Our revolutionary technology not only tracks blood biomarker data within a custom-built iPad application, but it analyzes the data using machine learning and provides you with insight into the inner workings of the animal in order to gain a deeper understanding of its health. In-app analysis and recommendations are benchmarked against industry data, for consistency and accuracy. Our partner InsideTracker is an established leader in evidence-based human precision nutrition based on biomarkers. Their analytics platform and proprietary recommendation engine is 10 years in the making, and adapted to accelerate biomarker-based precision nutrition in animals.

Watch the informational video below to learn more about how Verax™ works for you.


How the Process Works

Verax™ may seem complicated at first, but the process is actually pretty simple. Customers can opt to do their own blood testing and send us the results or we can bring in our trained staff to assist, depending on your operation and predetermined needs.

When Verax™ conducts the testing on-site, we collect a relevant sample of your livestock and bring them to our diagnostic van. Our experts weigh each animal and draw blood samples, which are then analyzed. We may perform additional testing, depending on your needs.

Data inputs are entered into our custom-built iPad application. After the data collection process is complete, the animal data is transferred to the cloud and run through our expert system by InsideTracker, which uses machine learning to deliver results and peer-reviewed suggestions back to you.

Once you determine which option is right for your operation, you can take action and provide a better, more applicable diet that will improve the health and performance of your animals. As more data is collected over time, you can make better-informed decisions and improvements.

Better diets and better decisions, lead to better profits and sustainability.

Repeat Testing Gets Results

We understand that the needs of your animals and operation evolve over time. One-time testing only gives you a snapshot of information. Verax™ uses repeat testing to account for seasonality and other environmental factors that impact your operation throughout the year and beyond.

Continuous testing and improvement results in a more efficient operation.

Let Verax™ help you to improve the health and performance of your animals.

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