What your animals can’t tell you, Verax™ can.

Gut health and skeletal health are perhaps the two most important factors in your animals’ performance. Relying solely on visual cues to check for health issues leaves more up for interpretation.

If you really want to understand your animals, look at the blood.

Verax™ uses blood testing to check for biomarkers linked to the early detection of coccidiosis, enteritis and other common poultry diseases so that they can be properly treated. Our tests also can detect nutritional issues, such as calcium or phosphorus deficiencies. Using this information, producers can take action to adjust rations or the surrounding environment.

Prevent Health Issues Before They Happen

Far too often, our industry has dealt with diseases through control and medication. Verax™ delivers real-time information and peer-reviewed recommendations so you can stay on top of the health of your animals and prevent the spread of diseases early in its transmission. This translates into real dollar savings. 

For example, when it comes to predicting outbreaks of coccidiosis, healthier animals mean higher profitability and more effective nutritional models. This also impacts sustainability in a positive way. The healthier your animals are, the more efficient your operation becomes.

Small Changes Greatly Impact Performance

Small, data-driven adjustments to animal diets and living conditions can have a tremendous impact on health and performance, which determine the success of your operation. Our machine learning algorithms also detect the early signs of disease before it becomes a widespread issue.

Verax’s artificial intelligence software then comes up with solutions based on peer-reviewed literature and on-farm metrics. These insights allow producers, veterinarians and nutritionists to make data-driven dietary and environmental changes based on qualified statistical research.

Continuous health management improves key performance metrics over time.

See Hidden Issues Holding Your Animals Back Health

Verax™ allows you to uncover hidden health issues before they spread to the rest of your flock. Beyond early detection of diseases and nutritional deficiencies, our testing also can help identify symptoms of stress in your flock to prevent future health problems and improve animal welfare.

Let Verax™ help you to improve the health and performance of your animals.

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