Sustainability & Welfare

Identify stress biomarkers and reduce livestock emissions.

Sustainability and animal welfare are two increasingly important segments of livestock management that producers must work to monitor and advance on an ongoing basis.

Put proactive measures in place to address important issues.

In addition to using blood biomarkers to assist in the early detection of diseases and nutritional deficiencies, Verax™ can also use these biomarkers to track and measure stress levels in your animals. Monitoring and addressing all of this information in a proactive way can boost the performance of your livestock while also improving the sustainability of your operation.

Identify Stress Through Testing

The stress levels of your animals have a direct impact on the success of your operation. Verax™ uses blood testing to check for signs of heat stress or other general stress indicators. Early detection of stress in your animals means that you can get to the bottom of the issue faster and increase the overall efficiency and health of your livestock, which in turn boosts performance.

In addition to identifying the source of stress in your animals, Verax™ also uses science-backed evidence and peer-reviewed research to help you determine the best course of action.

Healthier Animals – Less Emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions are unavoidable when raising livestock. However, maintaining good animal health reduces the number of unproductive animals that emit greenhouse gasses into the environment.

Verax™ also helps you monitor blood biomarkers that indicate correct nutritional absorption. Producers can use this data to make educated adjustments to animal feed and manage ammonia output.

Build a Better Future with Data-driven Decision-making

Proactive efforts to increase the overall well-being of your animals and boost efficiencies in your operations allow you to grow your revenue while also helping to protect the environment. Sound complicated? It’s actually pretty simple. Learn more about how Verax™ collects and analyzes data.

Let Verax™ help you to improve the health and performance of your animals.

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