Know More, Sooner

Gain access to our industry-specific research dashboard, which compiles some of the best available science in one location.

We believe that access to better research leads to better decisions, which in turn leads to healthier operations and a more sustainable future. However, sifting through websites for reliable, peer-reviewed research can be a time-consuming and frustrating ordeal.

We created the Verax™ Academy to provide a central location for veterinarians, nutritionists and operations to access some of the best evidence-based research available.

Built-in search functionality allows you to quickly find the industry-specific research and literature that you are looking for, which means less time searching and more time taking action.

A Research Tool Built for the Animal Industry

Commercial search engines are flooded with advertisements and keywords that have nothing to do with your business. Verax™ Academy is a collection of evidence-based, peer-reviewed research and literature that directly applies to animal agriculture and the issues you encounter every day.

Access Our Industry-Leading Research

Verax™ Academy helps you make better decisions with data. Existing users can access our research and literature with the same login info you use to access the Verax™ app. We also offer access to the Verax™ Academy on a subscription basis. Contact us for more information.

Let Verax™ help you to improve the health and performance of your animals.

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