Detect nutritional deficiencies early to increase performance.

You know your animals. You can tell by sight, by sound, even by smell, what’s going on in your barns. But what if you could detect and address nutritional deficiencies earlier, with data?

Help your animals utilize feed more efficiently.

Nutritional deficiencies hinder growth and bone development, ultimately reducing performance. Verax™ helps your on-site experts detect the signs of nutritional problems in your animals sooner through the use of blood biomarker testing and real-time data to correct any dietary issues.

Early Adopters of Verax™ See Positive Results

We gave select poultry operations a chance to try out Verax™ and see our decision-making tool and machine learning software in action. In one customer example, Verax™ data revealed that a Phosphorus matrix value needed adjustment. The customer completed the recommended adjustments before bone problems could have an impact on their operation. Meanwhile, indications of hypoglycemia was causing DOA’s at a second location. With this information and recommendations from Verax™, the customer was able to adjust feed and living conditions to improve overall performance.

Use Benchmarking to Correct Imbalances

Veterinarians and nutritionists are trained to spot nutritional deficiencies through visual inspections of your animals. However, Verax™ gives your operation the edge in the early detection of these deficiencies using blood biomarkers and access to benchmarking information.

Our proprietary benchmarking data gives your animal experts a baseline of comparison for what are considered normal testing results for your on-farm animals, as well as a database average. This allows your experts to make more precise adjustments to feed, in order to correct any imbalances in your animals’ diets. Verax™ sets your operation up for more consistent success.

Healthier Animals Lead to Better Meat Quality

The nutritional status of your animals also directly affects meat quality. A balanced, nutrient rich diet leads to sturdier livestock with more lean muscle and better appearance. Verax™ helps you determine the optimal mix of nutrients to get the best meat quality and performance possible.

Let Verax™ help you to improve the health and performance of your animals.

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